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Summer Time Fun with Hearing Aids

Summer Time Fun with Hearing Aids

Losing expensive sunglasses on a boat is frustrating. Losing hearing aids or cochlear implants? A thousand times worse.

ADCO Hearing has several ways to take precautions to make sure your hearing devices do not become lost or destroyed while traveling:

A hearing aid clip is a great solution for preventing the loss of your hearing device. Just like some folks wear sunglasses straps when hitting the beach, a hearing aid clip will keep you from losing thousands of dollars. You will not be searching the beaches of Hawai’i with a metal detector like my father.

For young kids on the run, our animal clips are a hit for the whole family – fun for children and peace of mind for parents.

For the more adventurous, ADCO now provides a waterproof, crushproof hearing aid case for snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, or wherever life leads you.

With summer comes humidity, ADCO has several ways to address moisture control. When traveling light, we recommend ADCO’s Hearing Aid Dehumidifier. If you are struggling to dry your hearing aids or have concerns about bacteria, we highly recommend Dry & Store’s Global II which includes a germicidal UV light for helping to sanitize your hearing instrument.

If you are seeking a small dryer that is active (uses electricity to help with the drying process), Dry & Store’s Dry Dome is a great solution.

ADCO Hearing is here to meet your needs. If you are having a challenge and do not see a solution here – please reach out to our product specialists who may have the perfect solution for you: 800-726-0851 or

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