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Our selection of TV Amplifiers and Accessories will allow you to finally watch TV comfortably - at your own volume - without disturbing others in the room. A radio-frequency based amplifier allows you to move around and even listen to the TV through walls! The Sennheiser 880 is a great solution for those who like to sit on the couch or recliner and directly watch television. The Serene Sound Box is a favorite because the TV can be amplified via the portable wireless speaker or through optional headphones plugged into the speaker. Depending on your specific preferences, there is a perfect product solution for you!

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Sennheiser Set 880
SKU: 6564
Williams Sound Pocketalker 2.0
SKU: 6674
Sennheiser Set 860
SKU: 6565
Sennheiser RR800 - Additional Receiver for Set 860 and 880
SKU: 6564 R
Sennheiser TV Clear Set
SKU: 3639
Sennheiser RS 120-W TV Wireless Headphones
SKU: 3689
Williams Sound Pocketalker 2.0 VA BASE
SKU: 6601
Portable Wireless TV SoundBox by Serene Innovations
SKU: 6545
Sennheiser Flex 5000 TV Listening System (HD4.20s Headphone Bundle)
SKU: 6710 B2
Sennheiser Flex 5000 + Stereo Neckloop Bundle
SKU: 6710 B3
Digital to Analog Converter
SKU: 3028
Geemarc CL7350 OPTICLIP TV Listening System
SKU: 6480
Geemarc CL7350 Amplified TV Headset and Extra Receiver Bundle
SKU: 6481 B
Geemarc CL7350 Amplified TV Headset (Stethoscope-Style)
SKU: 6481
Additional CL7350 Stetoset Receiver with Charging Base
SKU: 6481 R

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Sennheiser RS 2000 TV Listening System
SKU: 6711
Sennheiser Flex 5000 TV Listening System
SKU: 6710
Sennheiser RR5000 Headphones
SKU: 6709 R