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Personal listening devices, also known as assistive listening systems, are products designed to provide you with the ability to hear clearly in a variety of circumstances, including small group settings or in public areas where additional amplification is needed. 

We carry a wide assortment of personal listening devices with varying features to best suit your personal needs, from adaptive bluetooth neckloops that link to your phone for improved sound quality to personal amplifiers to help you hear clearer sound no matter the setting. We also offer basic products such as comfortable earbuds and headphones for easy listening with your assistive listening system of choice. Whether you're looking to improve your hearing while watching TV or conversing with friends and family, our team of professionals is here to help you find the right product for you.


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Pocketalker Ultra BONUS PACK
SKU: 6687 3


Williams Sound Pocketalker 2.0
SKU: 6674
Comfort Duett Disposable Sanitary Headphone Covers
SKU: 3039
Sanitary Headphone Covers (EAR 045)
SKU: 6613N
3.5mm Stereo Audio Extension Cable - 6ft.
SKU: 3038
Williams Sound Disposable Microphone Cover for MIC 014 Microphones (100/pk)
SKU: 6613U
Comfort Duett Headphone Pad Replacements (1pr)
SKU: 6777


QUATTRO 4.0 PRO Bluetooth Amplified Neckloop
SKU: 6852


Microphone Windscreen (WND 027)
SKU: 6892
Williams Sound EAR 010 Replacement Earpad for Wide-Range Earphone
SKU: 6613K


Williams Sound Rear Wear Stereo Headphones HED 036
SKU: 6613 RS
Williams Sound Pocketalker 2.0 VA BASE + Battery Kit Bundle
SKU: 6601 B

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Williams Sound Pocketalker 2.0 VA BASE
SKU: 6601
Comfort Duett Personal Amplifier + Telephone Kit Bundle
SKU: 6766 B3
Comfort Duett Personal Amplifier +TV Kit Bundle
SKU: 6766 B2
Comfort Duett Personal Amplifier + Neckloop Bundle
SKU: 6766 B1
Comfort Duett Personal Listener
SKU: 6766
Tabletop Conference Microphone MIC 449
SKU: 6618 DLT