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ADCO's Partnerships Through Denver Senior Coalitions

ADCO's Partnerships Through Denver Senior Coalitions

ADCO, Denver Senior Coalitions and HealthSET are partnering to serve low-income senior citizen’s in the Denver Metro Area. Together we are providing assistive devices that empower seniors to stay connected and independent.

The Circle of Life! How this partnership came together is truly a testimony of the power of compassion. When we do the right thing, for the right reason, we eventually will see the fruit of the right results. In 2017, ADCO became heavily involved in our community with a goal of serving our senior citizens through helpful information, device demonstrations and support to empower them to stay connected and as independent as possible in the many seasons of life.

HealthSET was one of the locations that ADCO visited and provided helpful information and demonstration on the various devices available. HealthSET is a not-for-profit health care organization for low-income elderly people in the Denver Metro area and it only made sense to partner together to serve our community.

Which is exactly why both ADCO & HealthSET are members of the Denver Senior Coalition group; a group that donates their membership fees to charitable organizations in Colorado, and is dedicated to serving our seniors. HealthSET was awarded a donation from the Denver Senior Coalition Group to help low-income seniors, and ADCO provided the devices.....and so the circle of life goes on!

These two amazing organizations have provided amazing support for seniors in our community and we would like to take a moment to help spread the word about HealthSET and Denver Senior Coalitions:

HealthSET has been serving and empowering the low-income elderly in the Denver metro area through nursing, education and advocacy to transform the quality of their lifes for nearly 30 years! For more information about HealthSET, their services and how to contact them, please visit their website (Click Here).

Denver Senior Coalitions bring together like-minded businesses, organizations and charities with a common goal of serving the seniors in our community. For more information on this amazing organization and how to get involved, please visit their website (Click Here)

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