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The Ultimate Hearing-Related Gift Guide

The Ultimate Hearing-Related Gift Guide

The Ultimate Hearing-Related Gift Guide

A Gift of Better Hearing Keeps on Giving

It’s the most wonderful, and busy, time of the year. Chances are that you’re making your shopping list and checking it twice, hoping to find unique and useful gifts for everyone on your list. Everyone has that one hard-to-shop-for person on his or her list. But, if your “that” person happens to live with hearing loss, then we’ve got the ultimate holiday guide chock full of gifts he or she will actually use… and appreciate. Here is our top 10 list for hearing-related gifts this season – paired with the best prices of the season!


Sennheiser Flex 5000 TV Listening System

Background noise to most is easily ignored. But, for those with hearing loss, it can prevent them from hearing “the good part.” This new system turns wired headphones into a wireless listening device. It has three different hearing profiles to enhance TV, movies or music, and a Speech Intelligibility feature to reduce TV background noise for added clarity.

Bonus offer: A free pair of high-quality Sennheiser headphones is included just for the holidays ($79.95 Value!)!

Order a Sennheiser Flex 5000 TV Listening System now.


Williams Sound Pocketalker 2.0

If it’s become difficult to hear what a person is saying, even close up, a Pocketalker might do the trick. It is designed to help the user hear what's important and tune out unnecessary background noise during one-on-one conversations, small group listening, and even conversations in the car. The Pocketalker 2.0 can be used with or without a hearing aid. Using it is as simple as plugging a headphone or earphone into the headphone jack, set the microphone near source of sound, and adjust the volume.

Holiday Bonus! To make this even more enjoyable, we’re offering the recharge add-on for FREE!

Reg. $279.99 Pocketalker 2.0 Recharge Bundle $189.00

Buy a Williams Sound Pocketalker 2.0 now


Sound Oasis Bluetooth Speaker + Tinnitus Masker

A constant sound of ringing in the ear can make it difficult to fall asleep. The Bluetooth Tinnitus Therapy System by Sound Oasis is a Bluetooth speaker and a therapeutic sleep system to help those with tinnitus sleep better. Clinically proven, high range frequency soundtracks help relieve tinnitus symptoms day and night. Plus, it streams music from a smartphone, iPod or any other Bluetooth enabled device. Bluetooth not required for therapeutic tinnitus tracks.

Purchase a Sound Oasis Bluetooth Speaker + Tinnitus Masker today.


Serene TV Soundbox

Watching TV should be fun, not frustrating. Serene Innovations TV SoundBox is perfect for those who struggle to hear the television. It has an independent volume control (separate from the TV’s) so the user can increase volume which allows you to turn your television’s volume down or off so others in the room are not disturbed, Set up is easy. Plug the transmitter into the audio-out port of the TV, stereo system or cable box. Use the transmitter as a charging dock when the receiver is not in use.

Order a Serene TV Soundbox now.


Reminder Rosie

Have someone in your life who needs reminding of simple or important dates and tasks? Reminder Rosie solves the daily challenges of memory loss (or being a teenager or college student). Personalized, voice controlled and with an easy-to-read clock, Rosie reminds of medication, appointments, everyday tasks and anything in between, like you love him or her. Purchase a Reminder Rosie here.

Reminder Rosie from Reminder Rosie on Vimeo.


Serene SS-201 Super Shaker

Now, this is the gift for deep sleepers and over sleepers of any age! This powerful, high-tech bed shaker wakes them up on time, every time, using the included smartphone app. Pair the Super Bed Shaker via Bluetooth to any iOSdevice and set the alarm for each day of the week. Place it under a pillow or mattress before bedtime, and strong vibrations occur when the alarm goes off. It can be programmed to alert for phone calls, messages and other notifications.

Buy the Serene SS-201 Super Shaker now.


Clarity XLC 3.4+ Phone Bundles

When other cordless phones aren’t doing the trick, it’s time for a set that delivers loud, clear interference-free conversations, amplifying incoming sounds. Buttons and screen are easy to read and use, plus it’s hearing aid and T-coil compatible with TIA-1083 compliance. This phone bundle includes the XLC3.4+ Amplified Cordless Phone and a XLC3.6+HS Amplified Cordless Expansion Handset.


iLuv TimeShaker Wow and TimeShaker Boom

iLuv TimeShaker Wow dual alarm clock offers a number of features that make it the smart choice for heavy sleepers or anyone that struggles to hear an alarm. Features include:

  • Adjustable alarm amplification up to 120dB
  • 3 levels of vibration: normal, strong and earthquake
  • Unique, patent-pending shaker vibrates to wake up deep sleepers
  • Bright alert light

Take the Wow version up a notch with iLuv TimeShaker Boom. It has a loud dual alarm clock with a vibrating wireless bed shaker, alert light, panic sound adjuster and a 1.4" jumbo LED display. The USB charging port charges mobile devices directly from the alarm clock.

Purchase iLuv TimeShaker Wow and TimeShaker Boom today.


SleepPhones® and RunPhones®

It’s nearly impossible to run or sleep without your earphones falling out. Choose from a selection of wired and wireless SleepPhones and RunPhones designed to stay in place, comfortably. They’re like wearing a headband!

Buy SleepPhones and RunPhones here.


Eko Core Stethoscope

The Eko Core stethoscope wirelessly streams heart and lung sounds to an iPhone or iPad and to manage heart and lung sounds more effectively. The innovative stethoscope records and playback sounds on the Eko app or web dashboard, visualizes and annotates waveforms of recorded sounds, securely shares recordings for second opinions.

Purchase the Eko Core Stethoscope now.


Useful doesn’t have to mean boring! ADCO Hearing products enrich the lives of your loved ones. You’ll find something unique for that hard-to-wake, needs-reminding, or comfort-seeking person on your list this holiday!

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