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OtoClear Ear Wax Removal Kit

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by Bionix
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Bionix irrigation tips have three divergent streams, which safely direct water away from the eardrum. They move easily within the ear without damaging the inner ear, and are optimized to prevent over-insertion. 

  • CONVENIENT: These ear irrigation tips direct water toward the ear canal wall with three divergent streams, effectively irrigating without damaging the eardrum. The flared design ensures it cannot be over-inserted into the ear.
  • COMFORTABLE: Designed with a soft, flexible material, these ear irrigation tips are easy to maneuver in the ear canal & designed for optimal comfort. Our Ear Drying Sponges are safe & convenient for removing excess water from the ear.
  • THE SAFE OPTION: This Ear Wax Removal Kit safely & thoroughly removes excess cerumen in the ear canal. It is safe for all ages, gently & comfortably flushing wax & foreign matter from the inner ear.
  • (3) OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tips
  • (1) Ear Basin
  • (1) Spray Wash Bottle
  • (12) Ear Drying Sponges

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