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OtoClear Aquabot

SKU 7275
by Bionix
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The new OtoClear powered by Aquabot is a simple, yet effective pressure spray bottle system that attaches the OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tip at the end of the device wand, creating a continuous and safe spray for ear irrigation procedures. Healthcare professionals and patients alike can operate this system with ease through a simple pump and push release motion that offers an uninterrupted spray process. 

  • OtoClear®, powered by Aquabot® provides a simple, yet effective, solution to patient safety, patient discomfort, and compacted cerumen removal
  • OtoClear ear irrigation tips direct water to the ear canal wall at 30 degree angles avoiding directly impacting the tympanic membrane

Two kit options available: 

  • MPN 7275: Includes Aquabot Bottle, 1 Ear Basin and 5 OtoClear Tips (Previous SKU 3086 5)
  • MPN 7270: Includes Aquabot Bottle, 1 Ear Basin and 20 OtoClear Tips (Previous SKU 3086 20)

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