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Odinell Ear Spray

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Odinell Ear Spray eliminates excessive earwax from the ear canal, helping to maintain the health of your ears and restore any hearing loss caused by excessive wax buildup. This non-aggressive and isotonic cleaning solution contains Chamomile extract, which calms and soothes the irritation of the ear canal and the ear due to daily wear of hearing aids. 

When used regularly, Odinell prevents the formation of earwax, and is recommended for those who use hearing devices, or for anyone suffering from the excessive production of earwax. 


  • Simple & effective - 1-2 sprays per ear is all it takes to dissolve earwax and cleanse your ears 
  • Unique spray application coats the entire ear canal at once and starts working immediately 
  • Recommended use: 1-2x per week 
  • Included nozzle helps direct the spray into your ear canal at the appropriate volume and speed 
  • Chamomile extract helps prevent and soothe irritation of the era canal 
  • 100% safe for all ages 

Do not use: 

  • In the case of otitis, tympanic membrane perforation, presence of tympanostomy tubes (grommet) or when foreign bodies are present in the ear canal 
  • With children under 30 months 
  • After ear surgery 

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