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Comply soft wrap sample pack - 2/pkg

SKU 3135 SMP
by Comply
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Super-soft memory foam strips surround your custom molded IEMs/hearing aid, creating a stronger seal for an unshakeable fit, no matter how you move.

  • All-Day Comfort: Memory foam strips wrap around your custom-molded IEM's sound port or hearing aid for a soft and expand to fit your ear canal's unique shape, giving you an even more custom fit and improved in-ear retention. Your custom-molded IEMs/hearing aid remain secure, without irritation and fatigue.
  • Peak Performance: Wraps create an optimal seal, reduce external noise and channel sound directly into the ear canal; your device will work better than ever. For hearing aid users, Soft Wraps eliminate feedback by completely sealing off your ear canal.
  • Easy To Use: Simply peel, wrap around sound port/nozzle, squeeze down memory foam and insert into ear canal as you normally would for an enhanced listening experience.

Height: 2 mm (0.08")

Length: 43 mm (1.70")

Width: 5 mm (0.18")

Color: Peach

The adhesive material will NOT adhere to silicone materials, Soft Wraps are best used on acrylic based custom IEMs/hearing aids.

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