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Bionix ClearLook Lighted Ear Curettes

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by Bionix
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The Bionix ClearLook Lighted Ear Curette is designed to be a better, safer way for healthcare practitioners to remove ear wax/cerumen and foreign bodies. Bionix® ClearLook® Lighted Ear Curettes™ offer enhanced visibility and control for safe, effective procedures

  • Designed for less obstructed view
  • Reference markers
  • Can dramatically reduce procedure time 
  • Secure finger placement is outside the line of sight 
  • Unique handle design promotes a natural, comfortable grip 
  • Uses both light and magnification 
  • Single-use to prevent cross-contamination
  • Includes: 50 curettes, 1 light source and 1 magnification lens 
  • Accurate visualization of the ear canal
  • Enhances visualization and efficiency
  • Eliminates need for “three hands”
  • Improves patient comfort and satisfaction
  • Can dramatically shorten procedure time
  • ClearLook AngleLoop | MPN #3310 - Angled tip that facilitates reaching the hard-to-get, tough cerumen common in older patients. 4mm diameter loop 
  • ClearLook MicroLoop | MPN #3320 - More rigid in construction and designed to remove tough, impacted cerumen. 3mm diameter loop.
  • ClearLook VersaLoop | MPN #3330 - Smooth, flexible tip that gives the user exceptional control while offering the patient increased comfort. 3mm wide tip. 
  • ClearLook FlexLoop | MPN #3340 - An all-purpose curette designed for normal curettage in a variety of patients. 4mm wide tip. 
  • ClearLook InfantScoop | MPN #3360 - Designed for smaller ears or for curettage through an otoscope. 2mm wide tip. 
  • ClearLook Variety Pack | MPN #3345 - An assortment of all 5 styles of ClearLook Lighted Ear Curettes

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