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Bionix OtoClear Spray Wash Kit

SKU 7290
by Bionix
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The OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tip was developed to safely and thoroughly clear the ear canal of wax and debris. It is designed to conveniently attach to the Spray Wash Kit - perfect for low use facilities. 

  • Perfect for facilities that perform a low volume of irrigation procedures, or those that prefer a manual device
  • Manual spray pump provides a larger volume per spray (36% increase) than syringes or other manual spray devices
  • Good for patients who might be sensitive to the noise or pulsation of an automated device
  • 500ml reservoir
  • Flared-tip design eliminates over-insertion
  • Direct three streams of water against the ear canal wall, away from the tympanic membrane, virtually eliminating the risk of rupture
  • Exit portals prohibit pressure build-up and direct drainage into an ear basin, eliminating back splash and reducing clean-up time
  • Two-year manufacturers warranty

There are two kit options available: 

  • MPN 7290 Includes: 1 Spray Wash Bottle, 20 OtoClear Tips, 1 Ear Basin (Previous SKU 3484 20)
  • MPN 7295 Includes: 1 Spray Wash Bottle, 5 OtoClear Tips, 1 Ear Basin (Previous SKU 3484 5)

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