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Bionix Safe Ear Curettes Variety Pack

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by Bionix
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Made of smooth, flexible polypropylene designed to bend when they encounter an obstacle, unlike hard, rigid stainless steel curettes.

A complete line of seven color-coded styles (including Adult and Youth sizes) each designed for a specific type of patient and cerumen condition.

Single-use curettes reduce the risk of cross-contamination while also eliminating sterilization costs and hassles.

Engineered and manufactured in the U.S.

  • Flexible to reduce and avoid injury to the ear canal or tympanic membrane
  • Single use purpose eliminates sterilization and cross-contamination
  • Color-coded for easy style identification
  • Smooth, flexible polypropylene
  • Made in the USA
  • Variety Pack includes 75 disposable curettes per box (10 of each style + 15 white) 


  • Yellow CeraSpoon | MPN #6333 - The Yellow CeraSpoon is perfect for softer wax, especially in patients who produce excessive amounts of cerumen. 4mm. 
  • Orange ControLoop | MPN #2999 - The Orange ControLoop has a bent "Shapleigh" style tip that allows the wax to be pulled straight out of the ear canal. 4mm 
  • Red AngleLoop | MPN #3444 - The Red AngleLoop has an angled tip that facilitates reaching the hard-to-get, tough cerumen common in older patients. 4mm 


  • White FlexLoop | MPN #9555 - The White FlexLoop is an all-purpose curette designed for normal curettage in a variety of patients. 4mm

Youth (+ Otoscope Curettage): 

  • Purple VersaLoop | MPN #4111 - The Purple VersaLoop has a smooth, flexible tip that gives the user exceptional control while offering the patient more comfort. 3mm 
  • Blue InfantScoop | MPN # 4888 - The Blue InfantScoop is designed for smaller ears and can easily pass through an otoscope. 2mm 
  • Green MicroLoop | MPN #1222 - The Green MicroLoop is more rigid in construction and is designed to remove tough, impacted cerumen. 3mm 

Normal Curettage: 

  1. Use otoscope to determine cerumen location
  2. Choose the appropriate curette for the type of patient and cerumen 
  3. Place curette into the ear canal and remove cerumen 
  4. Repeat otoscope exam and determine location of any remaining cerumen (repeat as necessary) 
  5. Dispose of curette - this device is single patient use 

Otoscope Curettage: 

  1. Use otoscope to determine cerumen location
  2. Select one of the Youth Safe Ear Curettes
  3. Slide scope magnification to one side
  4. Place curette through the otoscope and remove cerumen 
  5. Repeat otoscope exam to determine the location of any remaining cerumen (repeat as necessary) 
  6. Dispose of curette - this device is single patient use 

Use CPT Code 69210 for potential reimbursement of impacted Cerumen. Check Medicare Fee Schedule for average reimbursement. 

MPNs: 6333, 9555, 4888, 1222, 4111, 3444, 2999

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