Reusable Communication Face Masks

At ADCO we are always working to reduce communication barriers that exist for those living with hearing loss. Today, the impact of COVID-19 has tremendously impacted those who rely on lip reading by forcing the decision to choose between the safety of wearing a face mask, and the ability to read the lips of those they are communicating with. 

In an effort to help reduce these barriers without compromising safety where face mask requirements are in place, we have started producing window communication face masks. These masks are made with a heavy-duty vinyl window that is large enough to allow you to see the mouth of the person wearing the mask, and high-quality 100% cotton fabric to increase breathability. 

These masks are intended to be reused, and can easily be washed by hand washing or machine washing. For those who rely on hearing instruments (hearing aids, Cochlear implants, PSAPs, etc.), or those who are wearing masks for extended periods of time, we offer a headband accessory that allows you to connect the earloops to a headband instead of your ears. 

For professionals in any industry, we offer bulk pricing to help make window communication masks more accessible throughout our communities. Please call 800-726-0851 or email to request pricing. 

If you are a non-profit organization and are interested in learning about our donation program, please click here

If you already have an account and are interested in ordering, our window masks are online and available to purchase today!