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Personal Sound Amplifiers/PSAPs & Accessories

Personal sound amplifier products (commonly known as PSAP) are small devices that offer many of the benefits of a hearing aid but at a much lower cost. For those who experience mild to moderate hearing loss, a PSAP may be the perfect solution to increase your ability to hear in certain situations such as in restaurants or group conversations. 

Our collection of PSAP hearing devices include products that boast a variety of powerful features, including distortion-free sound and amplification up to 115 dB. We carry personal sound amplifier products in single and double configurations to suit a wide range of hearing needs, as well as PSAPs with Telecoil (T-Coil) integration. Shop now to see for yourself why ADCO is your go-to source for high-quality personal amplifiers.

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ClarityChat Replacement Tubes
SKU: 6110 1BL
ClarityChat Replacement Tubes - Binaural/Left and Right
SKU: 6109 2B
ClarityChat Replacement Domes
SKU: 6108 L