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Earmold Material & Custom Build-Up

Developing custom earmolds that fit is crucial when fitting a patient with a hearing aid. That's why ADCO Hearing Products is proud to offer its proprietary line of products to help you create hearing aid molds more effectively and efficiently. We offer everything you need to get started, including molding powder, thinner and even handy kits that include a variety of products to help you develop better custom earmolds for hearing aids. Take a look through our product offerings and see for yourself how ADCO can make a difference in your practice.

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SKU: 2109
Hard ADCO-Addon
SKU: 2147
Soft ADCO-Addon
SKU: 2151
SKU: 2137
ADCO-ment Thinner
SKU: 2111
Soft ADCO-Addon Thinner
SKU: 2153
Hard ADCO-Addon Thinner
SKU: 2149
ADCO-Sheen Thinner
SKU: 2139
ADCO-Build Powder & Liquid, Large
SKU: 2103
ADCO-Build Powder & Liquid, Small
SKU: 2102
ADCO-Build Liquid Only
SKU: 2100
Adcobuild Powder Only - 2oz
SKU: 2003
ADCO-Build Powder Only - 1oz
SKU: 2002