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ADCO Hearing Products is proud to offer a selection of audiometers and tympanometers to doctors and hearing specialists everywhere. Our assortment of products is designed to help detect and diagnose conditions such as tympanosclerosis, cholesteatoma and otosclerosis disruption to help your patients get on track to a path of wellness. We also offer other audiology supplies such as hearing screeners and recording forms for additional support when evaluating patients.

For additional clinical supplies, browse our selection of Diagnostic Equipment.

Universal Hearing Screener

Hearing Technologies
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Product Features Screens at 48 dB HL with 4 frequencies: 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 4,000 Hz Operates on two AAA batteries (included) Lightweight, handh...

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Digital Sound Level Meter, 30-130 dB

Hearing Technologies
In stock

This sound level meter allows you to easily check, monitor and control the sound level of any environment. Features Measuring range: 30~1...

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